Expedite Hospital Letter

Due to the pandemic, millions of outpatient appointments have been cancelled and delayed in the NHS.

When patients contact local hospitals to find out when they might be seen or if their symptoms and condition has worsened, they are often asked to contact their GP and request an "expedite letter". This is frustrating for you and the surgery as it rarely results in appointments being brought forward.

Furthermore, it is very difficult for a GP to measure to what extent your condition has worsened. We take your word for this, and the hospital should do the same. When making decisions about who to prioritise, it is only possible for the hospital to compare your condition and needs against all the other patients on their waiting list.

The Strand Medical Centre have created two letters for you to use if you want to inform a hospital of a change in your symptoms. One for patients waiting for a first appointment with a specialist, the second for patients waiting for a follow-up appointment, treatment, or operation.

Please contact the practice for the template letter to complete your details and explaining the change in your symptoms. The letters are in Word format and only the areas highlighted in yellow can be edited.

You should address your letter to either Outpatient Appointments (for first appointments) or your consultant’s secretary (for follow-up care). Please click on these links for the address of local hospitals:

In the event of a change in a potentially life-threatening health condition – for example, a known cancer, or heart or lung symptoms – please contact the surgery, NHS 111 for non-emergencies or 999 for emergencies in the first instance.